About Me

From easy bake ovens to stainless steel ovens, Amanda Wheeler has had baking in her blood. Her grandmother Doris served as her inspiration and left her many cake pans and books when she passed in 2008. Armed with these, Amanda developed a deep interest in the wonderful art of cake decorating and enrolled in classes, entered competitions, and took her passion to the next level by earning a degree in Baking and Pastry, as well as Culinary Arts, from Stratford University.

Striving to leave her imprint in the culinary and baking world, Amanda is currently studying for a Certificate in Small Business Management. She is a multi-award winning cake design artist, as well as an exceptional Pastry Chef, Winning 1st place for her Samoa Cheesecake Recipe and 3rd Place for her Grandmother’s Signature Carrot Cake Recipe. Amanda has also received the opportunity to intern with Norm Davis and Zane Beg, owners of The Sweet Life in Alexandria, Virginia whom have had a huge impact on Cake Decorating all over the world.

While working in a grocery store bakery, Amanda realized she wanted more. She knew she needed to bring her passion of baking and baked goods made with love to a wider audience. As a result, she opened Signature Sweets by Amanda in 2011. Thus far, Amanda has obtained most of her business through word-of-mouth. Customers love the sweet, rich flavor of her cakes so much the word is spreading. Once you try Signature Sweets by Amanda you’ll use her for all your baked goods. Signature Sweets signature products include not only cakes, but also sweet treats such as cake pops, cupcake bites, cupcakes, and petit fours.