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Cow themed Birthday Party Cupcakes

Since Covid-19 broke out, we have been so very busy, although we have lost a lot of our Wedding business this year. We are so thankful for our repeat and new customers, and we wanted to share with you all some of the creations that we've made this last week!

This adorable Safari first birthday Cake was made with a hand sculpted Giraffe, Elephant, Lion and a big and smaller monkey. The bottom tier was filled with Vanilla cake and Cream Cheese Frosting, the top tier was filled with Almond Cake, Raspberry Jam & Vanilla Buttercream.

 "My favorite style of cakes to decorate are cakes that are a little more detail oriented, I love adding special touches to the designs of these cakes. I end up spending more time than expected because of my level of perfectionism and the diligent time I spend on achieving that. It is very exciting to see it all come together."

-- Amanda Keeney, Owner & Pastry Chef

The following photos are special designs from the last 2 weeks that we have had a pleasure to be a part of. 


Cow Cupcakes plus smash Cake

 This Cow themed birthday party was so adorable, the colors were Red & Pink, and included a smash cake for the little one. (Pun intended. LOL) The cake flavor was simple, Vanilla & Vanilla Buttercream, but the cupcakes were Vanilla filled with Raspberry Jam & Vanilla Buttercream. 

Candy Drip cake, Pastel Striped cake plus Smash Cake

 Featuring a pastel rainbow themed cake and smash cake to match, as well as our special candy drip cake. The candy drip cake was for a friend and customer, which I met while she was pregnant with her NOW 6 year old when I used to wait tables! OMG! Time flies! This cake was a tuxedo flavor with vanilla buttercream. Tuxedo is Vanilla & Chocolate layers alternating and when you cut a slice of it, it looks super cool. 

Small Wedding Cake, Safari Smash Cake

Koda not only had the amazing 2 tier safari cake featured above, he also had his own little smash session with this cake! His cake was a banana cake flavor with Vanilla Buttercream. We also were able to make a small elopement ceremony cake, featured in the middle photo with our best selling filling- Raspberry Jam paired with Vanilla Cake. 

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